As a life-long artist, Lynn Welker offers a unique and refreshing style incorporating unexpected narratives. In an effort to reach beyond what other artists do, Welker creates a new reality through invention from her imagination. Consequently, every painting follows its own path. Often disclosed by the title, viewers must closely explore her work to discover subtle details within sensitively designed compositions.

“I paint abstract narratives suggesting a time from the past, of generations that have come before. Combining acrylics with various drawing materials offers me the freedom to maintain a balance between abstraction and realism. This mixed media process allows for a spontaneous use of both geometric and organic form within delicate patterns of light and dark. Creating imagined narratives seems to suit my style as an innovative painter. Underlying themes suggest a historical presence beneath the surface of the land; a story waiting to be uncovered.”

Growing up in Ohio Lynn recalls the freedom to explore nature in nearby woods and farmlands. This connection to the natural world has remained the primary inspiration for her artistic path. After receiving her BFA, BS in Ed, and MA from the U of Cincinnati, Lynn left the lush green landscapes of the mid-west behind. Now, after a career with the Newport-Mesa USD in art education, she treasures her days as a full-time artist. In addition to Laguna Beach, Welker is represented by galleries in Palm Desert, Sedona, Jackson Hole, and Rapid City.